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My name is Jade Ballek and I am a Learning Consultant. I work for the Sun West School Division in Saskatchewan, Canada and support teachers in the areas of curriculum, assessment, instruction and technology.

Since January 2013, I have been publishing a paper-based monthly newsletter called Bits and Bytes which provides technology updates and supports the integration of 21st Century Competencies. Currently, all Sun West staff members and board members receive this newsletter by email.

But often, throughout the month, there are additional ideas that arise at meetings, during conversations, at workshops that are relevant and timely, specifically for teachers.

Unfortunately, many of these simply do not get published in the paper copy of the Bits and Bytes.

This blog, then, is a place to share those ideas and to celebrate the many good things happening across the Division in terms of the 21st century competencies.

How this blog differs from our regular Sun West communication is that the materials presented here will directly relate to and support teaching the competencies. Teachers can come here for ideas related to strategies, technology tools, tips for using, classroom examples and much more! When possible, we will link these ideas with our Sun West Communications. Unlike our subject wikis which focus on formal lessons and resources for planning, this blog is intended to give broader support as we journey together in learning about and integrating critical thinking and collaboration into our classrooms.

Our learning journey begins with you…

A digital copy of our May issue of Bits and Bytes is available!

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