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Sun West Distance Learning Centre – Flexibility in Learning

June 26, 2015

The Sun West Distance Learning Centre (DLC) is an online school based out of Kenaston, Saskatchewan that offers K-12 courses to students within the Division and across the province. Our courses follow the Saskatchewan Ministry of Learning curriculum and are designed to ensure that students have access to high-quality education in a unique online learning environment. Students are able to access a number of different types of online courses including synchronous (or live broadcast), asynchronous (a flexible learning option where students determine their pace), and print-based courses.

Sun West Distance Learning Centre

Asynchronous course materials are available online 24 hours a day to students through Moodle, our online portal. In order to enhance learning and provide more interactivity, the courses at the DLC also feature instructional videos. These videos allow students in the online asynchronous courses to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to learn the content and be successful.

With the ever-expanding list of courses available to students, many high school students look to the DLC as a way to complete their graduation requirements through both core and elective options. The DLC offers unique courses such as 4th Class Power Engineering, Equine, Astronomy, and Paleontology courses to name a few. Students can also expand their Practical and Applied Arts (PAA) options by enrolling in courses like Construction, Mechanics, Computer Assisted Drafting, Graphic Arts and Interior Design. For those interested in earning dual credit options, the DLC offers opportunities to earn high school and post-secondary credits in partnership with the University of Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

The DLC is also a great option for students who home school. The focus on Saskatchewan curriculum ensures that students receive a high quality education in elementary, middle level, and high school grades.


For adults, the DLC allows individuals to earn credits that may have been missed in high school or to earn a high school diploma, including Adult 12 programming. The flexible learning environment allows working adults to schedule learning when it is convenient.

A dedicated and enthusiastic staff of teachers and support personnel are committed to providing online learners with a successful experience. For more information, please explore the DLC website or call them at 1-306-252-1000.


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