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Cloning Yourself – The Power of Instructional Videos

September 10, 2014

While this headline might seem a little like something out of a science fiction novel, being able to clone yourself is really not so far out as it might seem! Well, in a sense that is …

How to Clone Yourself

Teachers have often dreamed of the day when they can be in more than one place at a time. By accessing instructional videos from courses at the Distance Learning Centre, Sun West School Division teachers can now work one-on-one with a group or grade level while another group watches a video that has been created on specific learning outcomes.

Let’s take a Grade 4/5 Math class for example. The DLC Math course contains instructional videos on each lesson from Math Makes Sense. A multi-grade teacher could set up the Grade 5 students to watch the DLC  Math 5 video on a projector, a Smartboard or in small groups on mobile devices. Each video is also supported by student handouts if the teacher wishes to use those to supplement his/her classroom materials. During this time, the multi-grade teacher could then be working separately with the Grade 4 students on the Explore section of the text or supporting the practice questions, etc.

It’s a small change that can lead to increased used of class time for learning. And students learn additional skills such as taking responsibility for their own learning, collaborative group skills and independence.

But this is not a strategy just for the multi-grade classroom! Read about one teacher’s journey in cloning herself using digital stations (from and how it helped her meet the diverse needs of students in her classroom.

And teachers are not restricted to using just DLC-created resources. There are numerous Open Education Resources available as listed in Edutopia’s September 10, 2014 post.

To learn more about creating a culture that supports blended learning, contact your Learning Coach or your Technology Coach. Sun West teachers can request access to the Distance Learning Centre’s courses at the following link:





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